Natural Landscaping

June 25, 2024

Milkweed and its Fascinating Bugs

Most people know that milkweed plants are important for the survival of Monarch butterflies. But beyond that, their knowledge is a little murkier. Milkweeds are fascinating plants where you can spot a wide diversity of insects. [...]
April 13, 2022

Why Landscape with Native Plants? Part 1

Why should you choose native plants for your landscapes? Because you truly can make a difference that will have a positive impact [...]
December 5, 2020

Why Plant Winterberry Holly?

Winterberry Holly is a great native shrub that gets well deserved landscape attention because of its gorgeous heavy red fruit set during (guess?) [...]
October 31, 2020

Leave the Leaves

It’s fall and the leaves are decaying from their rainbow of reds, yellow, and oranges, and of course falling. But should you leave the leaves on the ground? The simple answer is yes [...]