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Gorgeous grass moth
August 8, 2022
Carolina leaf-rolling cricket
Leaf-rolling Cricket
August 9, 2022
I'm back to blogging - and on a more regular basis!

For the past two years, I've posted images on Instagram (IG) 4X per week, but have ignored this poor blog. While IG has been a great way for me to engage directly with people interested in native plants and local wildlife (especially insects), the platform is quickly abandoning photography for videos. So, while I will continue to post to IG, I will now blog these posts here too.

Even if you follow me on IG, these website posts allow me to post additional images without their silly size restrictions.

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That's me in the image. My hat ornament is a male Chalk-fronted Corporal (Libellula Julia). His shoulder stripes earned him the title Corporal. Gary took the photo while we were on a butterfly and dragonfly nature trip.