Hello nature enthusiasts!

Red spotted Purple butterfly caterpillar on Beach plum (Prunus maritima)
Camouflaged Caterpillar
May 15, 2020

Welcome to Focus on Natives!

We will be sharing interesting observations and photographs captured from nature around us. No traveling to other continents. We’re in our backyard, local parks, and roadside ditches. Beautiful and fascinating nature is all around us, but we all need to look closer. And help nature. On our property we converted abandoned cornfield and mature hedgerow to an open meadow and woodland restoration. By nurturing natives, we have demonstrated that in a relatively small area, we are able to attract and sustain an amazing number of species that weren’t here before. We love to share our images and knowledge with groups and offer consulting services for you.

I use photography to capture what I see in nature. I mostly hand hold my camera and search out my subjects interacting with their environment. Some photographers take fascinating stacked images of refrigerated insects and staged plants, but that isn’t what you’ll see here (ok maybe an occasional exception on a really windy day). I get close to my subject using macro photography (bigger than life size) to capture behavior as a conservation photographer. I also get more artsy to capture the beauty of a scene, and am enjoying “painting” my images.

We hope you enjoy our site and galleries.